(A Horror Tale) or (Ode to a Manual Camera)

The Auroras of October '03
were very exciting to me
So when the night was done,
I packed the cameras, save one,
Which was left for 12 days in the rain and the sun.

Then on a day in November,
"One is missing, I think I remember..."
So my trail I did back-track,
Found my camera, with wet-peeling back.
It looked very sad, but I was somewhat glad -
It's integrity seemed still intact.

To end this tale, I dried it,
Cleaned it lubed it, and tried it.
The shutter was OK!
Over 20 years old, but hey,
I was not distressed,
Being duly impressed,
I bought one more like it on Ebay.

Look ma, no hands!

Will eating in this position help my GERD?

Billy Bass has breakfast

It is absolutely correct to eat vegetarian delight with your fingers.

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