January 19, 2007 - (Right Side) Comet Tail?

December 15, 2006 UT - Film images - Below: ASA 800 - Levels adjusted in Photoshop

ASA 400 Film

March 2006

Meteor Below Orion

Meteor near Polaris

May 6, 2004

Aurora - before dawn on 11-20-03.

Iridium Flare 9-16-03, 9:05 PM

Moon - diffraction grating and cross-star filter. 11-20-02

12-1-02 Moon, Planets, and Iridium Flare

Moon and streetlight spectra

Moonrise 11-19-02

Moon and Venus setting:

Digital camera, reflecting telescope:

1-12-03 - Sony D8 - Super Nightshot Mode with wide angle attachment (2 frames combined in Photoshop with Screen blending mode) The white dots may be artifacts. Moon is overexposed to show halo.


This is a low flying airplane.

International Space Station passing through Cygnus on 9-28-02

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R.T. Smith 2003